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20 mayo, 2021

SIN PAR won the IDEA Award for corporate institutional excellence



The most important business meeting of Argentina decided to award the prestigious IDEA award to SIN PAR, in recognition of their institutional quality practices. The award ceremony was held Friday the 18th of October at the Sheraton Convention Center in Mar del Plata, before an auditorium full of managers and political authorities. 

SIN PAR, an argentine leading company in technological solutions for cutting and machining processes, was also distinguished by its commitment to sustainability and its triple impact performance in economic, social and environmental matters. The company has a rich history, with 88 years of tradition as a local family owned company. 

“It’s an award that makes us very proud because we have worked in that direction and this work is reflected not only in these awards, but also within the company,” said Manfredo Arheit, President of SIN PAR, upon receiving the distinction. 

Mr. Arheit also addressed that it is a transgenerational award since on the one hand, it distinguishes the wisdom and experience of the outgoing generation and, on the other, the innovation of the new one. 

The 55th edition of the IDEA Congress was held under the slogan «To the facts». Gastón Remy, president of IDEA and CEO of Vista Oil & Gas Argentina, referred to the keynote speech in three key terms: coherence, consistency and conviction. 

«From SIN PAR, we feel identified with these concepts. They are part of our values ​​as a company and we demonstrate them on a daily basis with facts,» said Cristina Arheit, Director of SIN PAR. 

“Every day we make facts. We get up, we produce and we respect rules. It is part of our genes. And we do it every day, as a role model, respecting our convictions,” she added. 

SIN PAR and its path to sustainability 

For years, SIN PAR has implemented different actions and measures to achieve better performance in human rights, labor, transparency, as well as related to environmental care. 

In this way, the company obtained several quality and efficiency certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Its biggest milestone, without a doubt, was the ISO 50001 certification of the Energy Management System, becoming Argentina’s first SME to obtain it. 

At the same time, in March 2018, it adhered to the United Nations Global Compact, pledging to comply with ten principles to protect human rights, guarantee the best labor standards, preserve the environment and fight corruption. 

SIN PAR has become a benchmark in terms of intelligent and efficient use of energy and is frequently called to forums and workshops to share its case of success as SME. As reported in its first Sustainability Report, the company managed to reduce its energy consumption (electricity and gas) by 22% from 2016 to 2017 and reduce emissions of scope 1 by 50% (those derived from fixed combustion processes). 

The IDEA distinction joins the international CEM Energy Management Leadership Award and the award for the Best Corporate Social Report of Argentina 2018, awarded by the Ecumenical Social Forum. 

«We always want to transmit the message that sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility are not issues that are limited to large companies and corporations,» adds Ms. Arheit. “They are subjects that also reache SMEs, even those that are long constituted and have traditional production processes”.  

About the IDEA Award

The IDEA Award is a very prestigious recognition in Argentina, which is given to large companies and SMEs that stand out for their institutional quality practices. 

The handover of the award is carried out within the framework of the IDEA Congress, meetings that have brought together businessmen, political leaders and labor unions from all sectors for 59 years already to discuss, analyze and execute concrete proposals in economic development, institutional quality and the social integration of the country. 

The mission of the congress is to inspire businessmen to participate actively in society based on common values ​​and objectives that allow the sustainable development of Argentina. 

Its objective is to promote its public dissemination to collaborate with the adoption of ethical and efficient practices, achieving high quality standards. For this, an evaluation board, made up of prestigious academics, researchers and specialized professionals, evaluate the following topics of a company: 

– Economic performance

– Corporate governance

– Human capital

– Environment

– Value chain

– Relationships with the community 

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